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Our current mission: Don’t just stuff your face. Find out what’s going on; where your food comes from; how you can make it better. You’re not a caged animal; you’re free to make choices that are right for you or right for your mood. Get answers. Demand knowledge. “Eat hard.”

FoodNewsie is less about news and become more a site where authors remember good food and share what they’ve learned about making it and where it comes from. So in some way, it is still news because it’s new to us. Online since early 2010 and redesigned late 2012, this site is broken down in to two large Sections: Photos and Writing.

Some post are short, some are long and all are worth the time to write and read. The Sections are further divided in to Categories with some Categories appearing in both Sections and some posts appearing in two Categories. That’s not as confusing as it sounds; the new design and organization was chosen to make your time here as much about reading as it is about discovering new posts to read.

At the top of every page, you’ll find the Section and Category each post is “Archived in.” Clicking those links will show you more articles that are similar and if you really want to trip the light fantastic, click one of the Tags. That’s another way to hop around and see more stuff.

So this isn’t another site with just a pretty face. We’re slowly editing more than 200 old posts to better the writing, keep it short and sweet and re-deliver what we hope you’ll find is some engaging posts about food, who’s making it, what you can make and where food comes from.

Did your old Permlink fail?

Uh-oh… If your Permlink was from the earlier design, it would fail. We now use “Clean URL’s” since activating an Archive Calendar that wasn’t available in 2010. That’s why we’re going back and editing 200+ posts. It’ll keep us busy but here’s a hint, your old link contains the title of the post. The new system maintains that title, but adds a Section. All you have to do is search for the title, “that-looks-like-this,” using spaces instead of hyphens and you’re sure to find the newly minted version of that post.

Did you want us to come see you?

We LOVE invitations and we don’t write negative posts. We pay for our food but we forage for stories. Perhaps something wonderful and new is happening in your kitchen? Perhaps you want to draw attention to one of your local farm producers? Perhaps you’re looking to expand and there’s no graceful way to get the message out to a networked audience in the DC area?

While not every post is a thrill ride, that sort of post that reveals some “inner workings” of the restaurant world is something this blog likes. Reviews? Meh. There’s about 3 million sites that will do that.

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