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Age Defying Vanilla Extract


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Age Defying Vanilla Extract

No need to worry about that Vanilla Extract going bad. Unlike the dry spices in the spice rack or cabinet (smartly shielded from view of the Sun), the alcohol lends a bit of immortality to real Vanilla Extract. Looking to save money? Saving money by buying imitation vanilla is a curious waste of money; get thrifty by buying the largest, craziest big size you can find of Pure Vanilla Extract in alcohol. You’ll save coins per ounce and none of it will go to waste as the ages go on.

Drilling down, we find that the word vanilla is the diminutive of the Spanish, vaina which means POD or SHEATH. So you could say that saying Vanilla Pod is the same as saying pod pod.

Age Defying Vanilla Extract

Keep your pure Vanilla Extract out of the sun and away from heat and closed up tight. Since alcohol is smaller than water, it evaporates more easily through smaller openings. Also, some of the best Vanilla comes from Mexico where the spelling is the same; so it's wise to keep an eye out at Latin groceries for even better prices of even better qualities.

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