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Block Pinterest


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Block Pinterest

Pinterest generated controversy by claiming that they would own any images their users “pinned” to their site. It’s a bookmarking and scrap booking site that allows their users to keep virtual bulletin boards of pictures they find around the internet. The bulletin boards can be made private or public and Pinterest offers a service where a simple one-click button in a user’s browser can help them grab an image they see. Great for Pinterest, not so great for food photographer bloggers who are interested in guarding their images.

Being featured or pinned on Pinterest can provide a nice traffic bump like Reddit or Stumbleupon – A community made of small networks scours the internet for things that interest them; once found, that thing is shared with the network. Members of the network then come to visit and if your content is “sticky” enough, they wander through the site and maybe, quite organically, mark your site as a favorite to come back to. If Pinterest hadn’t laid claim to your intellectual property and instead come up with another way to do business, it wouldn’t be necessary to try to block Pinterest from letting their uses and those browser buttons pin your work.

We don’t mind that our Yellow Plum picture ended up in some Yummo in the Tummo bulletin board shared with 2 other people. But we got to thinking, “what is that code that blocks Pinterest?” After rooting around a revamped Help section on their site, we found our search to be the most popular Help topic for businesses right ahead of which sites are fully banned from Pinterest. Youch! There’s a lot going on there. Hopefully this helps you – it’s a screenshot of the Help page for search term clarification and the code which goes in the HEAD section of your .php pages or Page Template.

Block Pinterest

Pinterest is a growing and evolving community, so the location of the help page for code that blocks images from going to Pinterest jumps around. This is the most recent topic title. If you're late to this post, search for terms found within this screenshot if the code is no longer working for the latest code changes.

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