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Did Apple just take on Big Ag?


Did Apple just take on Big Ag?

CEO Tim Cooks might have offered up Apple for attack as a way to correct what’s wrong with Big Ag, Big Oil, et al. Apple can afford to cause positive reform while acting as the Big Tech bad guy – while he’s saying It’s not our fault, he’s saying Come at me bro’. A carrot and a stick for Apple would fall out to Big Ag, etc. Apple just increased it own DC Lobby spending hopefully to ensure disciplinary action against Big Tech applies equally across corporate fronts to include Big Oil, Big Energy and Big Ag banes.

Tim Cooks at 2:50 into the video daring reform. Jon Stewart’s translation about complicated Tax Codes includes a hint of what Apple lobbyists could be up against and ends with an applauded: “Those offshore loopholes didn’t get carved out by poor people.” This very careful call to action by Apple stands a chance to get Big Food fighting defense for a change on multiple fronts. Always hit’em where it hurts, in the money.

Video here.
Mr. Cooks goes to Washington (increased lobbying) here.

Why is this food news? Because everybody eats. Apple loses nothing by paying taxes on $74BILLION and they get to enjoy the sideshow of watching Big Ag and Big Energy squirm for a change instead of just watching us Instagram and text about it. Does Apple actually stand beside us as we cry and scream about Monsanto Riders, GMO’s, gene patents and truth in labeling? One can hope.

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