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@farmrgirl for KitchenTNT


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@farmrgirl for KitchenTNT

Let’s face it, we’ve all had wet bottoms at the bar and been embarrassed when we lift for a drink, and along comes horrible, conversation-altering shreds of the paper napkin we used as a coaster. That condensation can be beat with a little luck and simple trick.

It’s not everyday you meet such a maid at the bar so experienced at being a maid at the bar, but, I guess fate loves food bloggers. The reality of it is that we’ve known the gal with the Twitter handle, @farmrgirl for nearly three years now and she’s full of nifty tips’n tricks for the kitchen and the farm. These gems only come out when the conversation flows and thanks to her little trick, conversations can keep flowing when a napkin-coaster is nearby NOT falling apart. Here’s the magic:

@farmrgirl for KitchenTNT

Illustrated and proved.

Certainly, in a case like this, you’ll have some salt close at hand. Dash a fat sprinkle of salt on the napkin before you put your drink down on it. With a slight bed of salt, the condensation at the bottom of your glass will be mostly beat! It’s subtle and it’s practiced by thousands of people around the world.

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