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Great gift for foodies

Great gift for foodies

Foodies get a lot of silly gifts for the kitchen. One secret: They don’t need silly gifts for the kitchen. They’re foodies; the kitchen is a place of productivity and thought, not just whimsey. Rooster pot holders are swell and the cheese calendar is interesting when it’s time to change the month, but something that would be a real compliment to a foodie’s passion is two-fold including a What and How.

A constant battle in the kitchen of most food hobbyists is whether or not they have the right tools for a certain job. Loaf pans, saucepans, mincers, knives and Dutch Ovens come in a terribly vast amount of sizes and shapes and varying degrees of quality. It’s a tough day picking the right things when food is supposed to cook the right way and the recipe is new.

The best ranks for a foodie gift include 20-buck wine with serving suggestions from a magazine or newspaper clipping or authoritative website printout, or a kitchen tool combined with a recipe book utilizing that new kitchen tool. Consider it akin to two ingredients for the budding chef to combine in many different ways; it’s a natural fit!

Pictured is a cookbook for a 9×13 dish that arrived IN the 9×13 dish! I was soooo happy! What’s better is the dish isn’t some thin tin variety – baking dishes benefit by being glass or ceramic and Portugal has a reputation for very good, even temperature baking ceramics.

Thinking of a foodie in the kitchen is a grand gesture. Providing uncommon morsels or ingredients that cost a pretty penny is nice too. But for my experience, I find that gifting both a What (cookbook) and a How (the 9×13) hits a homerun!

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