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H.R. 610 does away with moderation and nutrition


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H.R. 610 does away with moderation and nutrition

It’s no secret parents rarely have time to hunt down nutritious meals and kids clamour for easy sweets and loads of calories in most cases, but some older laws made sure to put nutritional lunches at the front of parents minds. School lunch creators also once had to work a little extra harder by ensuring fruits and vegetables were each separate and required components of a single lunch. That attention to something that kids forgivably ignore will be no more if H.R.610 is passed into law. By amending an older National School Lunch Act, here’s what H.R. 610 does for some qualifying school lunches:

(a) Nutritional requirements

(1)(A) Lunches served by schools … shall meet minimum nutritional requirements …, except that the minimum nutritional requirements-

(i) shall not be construed … ( HERE -> ) to establish a calorie maximum for individual school lunches, or to prohibit a child from eating a lunch provided by the child’s parent or legal guardian; ….
Source: http://uscode.house.gov/view.xhtml?req=(title:42%20section:1758%20edition:prelim)

Were some kids prohibited from eating lunch from home? Maybe. That change at first sounded good until more came to light.

H.R.610 also repeals from January 26, 2012, USDA’s Food and Nutrition Service, 7 CFR Parts 210 and 220 (Source) requiring schools to, “increase the availability of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and low-fat or fat free milk in school meals; reduce the levels of sodium, saturated fat, and trans fat….”

H.R.610 is called the Choices in Education Act. And for nutrition and food, it opens up poor choices. H.R.610 is not a child’s friend.

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