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Know Buttermilk better. Make Store Use.


Know Buttermilk better. Make Store Use.

If there’s one taste that kids across the nation are clamoring for, it isn’t Buttermilk. It looks like everything that can go wrong with milk, did. And they bottled it. But Buttermilk is as Buttermilk does and when you’re cooking, that off-putting looking lumpy, sour “milk” can be exactly the right thing. You wouldn’t be blamed for not having it on hand very often, so we open with substitutions and how to sort of make it.

The real stuff has loads of Potassium and Calcium. More importantly to your cooking, it can provide an acid for bases to work with and create lift or fluffiness in baking. Substituting is very easy and requires only about ten minutes of patience. 2% or whole milk by the Cup with a teaspoon of Vinegar or Lemon Juice or a half-teaspoon of Tartar will provide the substitution. I recently tested this out with a Lard Biscuit recipe.

Know Buttermilk better. Make Store Use.

Got a favorite ready dough? Before you roll it up, add cheese!

You can see the holes. That’s lightness in baking and it was the Buttermilk substitution I made that was responsible. If you happen to have it on hand but don’t use nearly as much as you’ve got, it freezes pretty well. Distribute some in an ice tray and once it’s frozen, put the cubes in a sealable lunch bag with the date marked clearly and pop it back in the freezer. You’ll have two or three Tablespoon Buttermilk-sicles ready for the go the next time.

While Buttermilk is really useful, most people don’t find a lot of occasion to call on it. Just a quick look around the Internet shows some awfully tempting recipes that might get you making your own or buying some to store for later!

Buttermilk Vegetable Curry for the adventure!
Buttermilk Roasemary Ice Cream for a surprising cool treat.
Blue Cheese Buttermilk Ranch Dressing for the salad that’s as homemade as you can get.
Buttermilk Quick Bread that’s Dump, Mix, Bake with ten variations.
Triple-Chocolate Buttermilk Pound Cake for dessert that no one will believe has Buttermilk as an ingredient.

Buttermilk is your friend, after all!

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