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Learning about water treatment from Israel

Learning about water treatment from Israel

Did you know? Israel leads the world in water purification? It’s a little known fact; all the questions and answers are right there for the taking. While the United States deals with sinkholes and works out efforts to protect and revitalize water supplies, our friends in Israel, politics aside, have been recognized for leading the way. Israel has developed a system for recycling, purifying, storing and conveyance and spent more money doing so than any other country in the world. Can we just learn from them?

Says The Tower dot ORG, that water shortages are a “problem that can be decisively solved without anything remotely resembling the economic restructuring and political acrobatics required… Fully effective solutions to the water crisis have already been found.” Both California and Britain have pushed to benefit from the technology that “prides itself on using no chemicals and no polymers.”

Learning about water treatment from Israel

From Jewish Business News, Shafdan's plant.

Want another amazing water purification fact? Israel is followed by Spain! While internet foodie socialites have known for almost a decade that great things come from beyond America’s borders, some headed for leadership roles, don’t! With a lot of talk this cycle about Israel, we would be remiss if we didn’t suggest our money considered an investment in having an outstanding solution to our waste water problems solved as reward.

Make knowledge, not nastiness, a part of the dinner talk.

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