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Natural headache remedies

Natural headache remedies

We’ve put together a short list of frequently prescribed headache remedies that can make small to big headaches go away with a little time, and in some cases, a little absurdity. The Cold Towel on the forehead trick was popular growing up and as we age, we learn that headaches aren’t all the same. Different causes like dehydration or that nagging Caffeine Withdrawal foodies can get need different remedies…

  • Pressure point between thumb and index finger
  • Cold, wet rag over the forehead
  • Shot of cola or dark chocolate to ease caffeine withdrawal
  • Lemongrass oil to temples, neck and between eyes
  • At night, Valerian Root for tension headaches
  • Olive oil with peppermint, tea tree and lavender oil at the hairline
  • Press and release above the bridge of your nose
  • Hot water bottle to ears and forehead three minutes each
  • Vitamin C blast, water, spicy portion like Korean ramen
  • Dill pickle juice hydrate’s and provides sodium
  • Gentle hair pulling over the spots that ache (ed.?!)
  • Tea made of Cumin seeds
  • Chilled juice from Garcinia Indica or Kokam squash

Garcinia Indica

We wondered what that was too. The Garcinia Indica or Kokum, belongs to the Mangsteen Family of tropical evergreen trees from Indonesia. Thriving in evergreen areas and forests with low rainfall, this purple fruit is used medicinally and in cooking. When the outer cover is sun-dried, it’s used as Kokum which is dark, added in cooking as spice, and preferred in some regions over Tamarind or Curry. The leaves called Kokum Tel lend an oil used regularly in foot massage therapy.

The “Chilled juice” mentioned above might tie directly to a bright red concentrate from Kokum Squash which is said to aid digestion and cool the body in Summer.

Natural headache remedies

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