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Off The Ropes


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Off The Ropes

We love our few readers and want to tell you what March and April have been up to that kept us so busy, we couldn’t post but one, silly story. March 22nd; our official birthday – that even passed without so much as a peep. What’s been beating us? Three words, the Philippines, the France and the Miami bitches. Oh the stories these palettes could tell….

Let’s begin at the end. Bryan, website chief, is back. Everyone’s hands are back to daily life cut and scarred and carry the memories of hacking brush and chopping stumps but for Charles’s whose hands are better kept for careful work. Boots and gentleman’s loafers have been soiled, worn and kick-rinsed “clean” after dirt, slugs and compost under foot.

Off The Ropes

Some prefer boots when mucking about in the Earth and Sun. Personally, I think that a real _Newser_ will take what translates well at a bistro or sunny, impromptu visit to the local outdoor patio - out of focus loafers and jeans. The staff loves it.

The gardeners in the crowd will be delighted to hear that Ashe, the cutest villain to ever descend upon suburban container gardens, has returned, with a taste for Dill. His own nemesis, the Cooper Hawk, has also been busy this last year. She has trained her single, precious offspring – how to feast and keep a watchful eye from the cover of trees just beyond Ashe’s domain.

Off The Ropes

Last year, while we managed to feed Ashe, the villain of suburban container gardening, we also managed to kill every single last seedling with a little help from an unholy and relentless Sun that beat even the most talented gardeners. This year, we aim to actually produce *and* keep Ashe plumped on greens.

Nothing happens in the suburbs.

Pah! For my own account, I’d spent the last month toiling beneath the ever-Summer sun of Miami keeping company with peacocks, egrets and contractors. Food Newsie, Miami Bureau has arrived to your knowledge. The bounty that brings to a food blog is almost beyond compare.

While in Miami, the 21 by 3 foot dirt runway was widened to 21 by 6-feet to ease lawn care (more dirt, less mowing) and the question of what we should do went forward via Facebook. The answers came back fast – herbs, berries, perfumed florals and, best of all, mangoes. So, good news. While tireless men replaced a roof, painted interiors and fastened new locks and doors in place, I set about biting my lip and sipping copious amounts of coffee to make a final decision.

If you thought DC metro container gardens were cool, dig this list of Zone 10 goodies that are currently rooting, producing or blooming: Mangoes (red and green variety), pine apples, Tea Roses, a Blueberry bush, Gardenias, purple AND green Sugar Cane, Lychee and, most gloriously, Night Blooming Jasmine. That’s just in one flippin’ backyard!

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