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Prep a Windfall of Loin Ribs


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Prep a Windfall of Loin Ribs

Some sales are too good to pass and pork loin ribs for less than $3 bucks a pound is such a sale. Grace your diet by preparing ribs for a later, spontaneous consumption off the grill. The hot, new trend once the FDA allowed it years ago was for meat packers to ship ribs cooked low and slow to be reheated over a backyard flame. Let’s do that for ourselves!

You’ll need:

  • An insane amount of meat.
  • Half a day.
    • 40m seasoning, 5H cooking, 1H cooling and packaging
  • A BBQ sauce.
  • Loads of Aluminum foil.
  • Strong, 1 Gallon freezer bags.
    • We used 2G, they were too big.
Prep a Windfall of Loin Ribs

Let salt, pepper and Cumin rest, rubbed on the ribs, for a while before pouring some BBQ over the meat. The Course salt will dissolve and tenderize the food while adding flavoring.

Slow cooking always wins and ribs, with their direction for 20 minutes per pound at 350-degrees, could be slower. Lengthen that time per pound at 250-degrees. After a little simple seasoning of Sea Salt, Cumin and Black Pepper, these ribs rested for about 40 minutes. As the oven preheated, BBQ sauce was smothered to cover every bare surface.

Cooking low and slow generates a lot of steam. The steam moves the heat and flavor through and through but you MUST have provided enough liquid or else a slow burn will take place. To keep the steam in, the ribs get bundled in an Aluminum Papoose.

Prep a Windfall of Loin Ribs

Our own BBQ sauce isn't quite from here or there but most closely resembles St. Louis style by chance. Its thick, molasses base sticks to the ribs and ensures that every inch on top is completely covered so the meat won't dry out.

We wrapped eight pounds in one go – this was unwise. Our mistake didn’t result in any disasters, but when the ribs come out, the melted fat and liquids (30 fluid ounces in this case) are scalding; a wrong move would send liters spilling out possibly causing really serious burns. Don’t be dumb, be better and have plenty of foil on hand.

This Author has developed a consistent “cook by smell” approach to slow cooking ribs. According to the time stamps on the pictures, eight pounds of loin ribs were in 250-degrees for 5H:15m Each rack had meat falling off the bone with some proper coloring inside the meat revealing perfect doneness; Heat and Eat style, just what we were aiming for!

Prep a Windfall of Loin Ribs

With 2 gallon freezer bags, there's almost too much room - but try to get as much of the air out as you can and distribute the liquids evenly. They'll harden but be very useful when it comes time for grilling later on.

Even with extra tough freezer bags, the meat has to cool before going in. Once in, add even amounts of liquid to each bag. That liquid will solidify in the freezer. Once you’re ready for Ribs Night, let a package thaw. The frozen liquid will become waxy and can be spread to cover the ribs again – this preserves the flavor of the meat. If you prefer your ribs to taste like good, seasoned meat, getting your hands a little messy in that “wax” is the way to go, otherwise you just add more BBQ sauce and ignore all the tasty fat and oils.

Viola! All the hard work is done and with Loin Ribs prepped, frozen and leisurely thawed for grilling, you’re a hero finishing off a two-hour (per rack) recipe in just fifteen to twenty minutes!

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