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Reese's Déjà Vu Commercial Music

Reese's Déjà Vu Commercial Music

A debate rages on amongst passionate Internet surfers who ride over to YouTube to catch the tune scored behind Reese’s August 2013 commercial for Peanut Butter Cups. The spot is brilliant and features simple animation and notes of what promises to be part of a great song. Long known is the fact that advertising spots license out new music and bring bands like Ladytron (Nissan Altima ad) and Arcade Fire (Google Chrome promo) bubbling to the top of Internet searches.

Proving more difficult, the slick and swanky groove behind the Déjà Vu commercial has YouTube commenters in a hot fuss as they bicker back and forth, sometimes quite nastily, about what song the clip came from. For a definite answer, we called Hershey’s, owner of the Reese’s brand.

An affable and polite, Sandra had us on hold with, “bare with me a few moments Mr. FoodNewsie. I’ll be more than happy to get the correct information for you about the song.” After nary a 45-second pause with terrible bugle music, Sandra from Reese’s returned with an answer – the heartbreak of answers:

The August 2013 spot features an original score created for the commercial! All you get is a few seconds, twice, of tantalizing, loungey, chilled-out, whammy bar guitar from one of 2013’s best TV food commercials in our opinion – there is no larger score or song to download that will entertain guests at your next party. You’ll just have to serve them candy. C’est la vie!

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