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Some Geese Have Curly Feathers


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Some Geese Have Curly Feathers

A lot of stories go around about how frightful geese can be. Indeed, a goose or two on a farm makes for a watchdog better than the watchdog on the farm. Getting to know a goose better stops it from being defensive of the flock or land it calls home. People who own geese will tell you that the character of the birds is one of curiosity and loyalty and people who own these curly-feathered Sebastopols do talk a lot about loving their geese!

In German, they are called Lockengans or Struppgans, meaning “curl-goose” and “unkempt goose.” They’re collected by the people who like geese for their ornamental value. They’re far from being just another bird on the farm as well. A female, weighing about ten to twelve pounds, lays only 25 – 35 eggs a year; compare that with the three-hundred a chicken lays, or the hundred a duck can lay!

Goose eggs can sell for $60 bucks. Goslings, the babies, can bring a goose farmer more since the gender would be known (“Gander” for males). Sebastopols were originally brought in to Europe from the Ukrainian port, Sevastopol around 1860. Their curly feathers aren’t much for flying, but the Europeans prized the bird which was later found all around the Black Sea, for making fancy quills and improving pillow technology! Those curly feathers make for a nice rest!

Some Geese Have Curly Feathers

Sebastopol geese have several color patterns. The white isn't common, but more rare is the saddle back this white Sebastopol, Harry, is swimming with. Their characters are more bold, their inclination is to be curious and even though some of their feathers look like they're hanging on by threads, they're there to stay.

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Kelley Creek Farms says:

Harry laid an egg ;-)

Bryan says:

Boy gooses, such show-offs!

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