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The bomb just dropped on food

The bomb just dropped on food

There is often silence after lightning followed by thunder – likewise, the concussion of this bomb will be preceded by some silence. There is an unsteady peace between the environment, farmers and consumers. Regulations keep a difficult balance place. There is no one solution that suits the environment, farmers and consumers equally but regulation prevents any one aspect from toppling the system. Removing regulations opens the floodgates for Big Ag…

There is no constitutional provision or statute that explicitly permits executive orders. No doubt a contentious topic these days, Executive Orders are still, “a rule or order issued by the president to an executive branch of the government and having the force of law” (via Google Translator). When an Executive Order is so new as to yet be assigned a number by the Office of the Federal Register, it can be found through various tracking efforts like The American Presidency Project where it later joins other Executive Orders in history.

The bomb just dropped on food

Executive Orders aren't numbered until they're signed, received and printed for distribution in a daily publication called the Federal Register. While there's nothing shocking about the quantity of Trump's EO's, they'll be noted historically for their content.

The Office of the Federal Register puts out a daily, called the Federal Register. A year’s subscription costs $929 bucks and is organized into four categories:

  • Presidential Documents (executive orders and proclamations)
  • Rules and Regulations (including policy statements and interpretations of rules by federal agencies)
  • Proposed Rules (including petitions to agencies from the public)
  • Notices (such as scheduled hearings and meetings open to the public and grant applications)

Once numbered, Executive Orders enter the Register’s first section and the Federal Register can be found online and cited in the following manner: [volume] FR [page number] ([date]), e.g., 65 FR 741 (Jan. 6, 2000); this is how the site organizes years worth of publications.

Today’s Executive Order, in brief, prepares 2018 for zero-sum-cost regulations provided each instance notes TWO regulations to remove or replace. Titled, “Reducing Regulation and Controlling Regulatory Costs” begins with, “every one new regulation issued, at least two prior regulations be identified for elimination, ….” This alone is Big Agriculture’s dream come true.

Trump abolishing protective agencies and measures and inviting protective regulation to be eliminated makes it appear that the way is being cleared for something. This is not the process to controlled regulatory costs; this is an important step toward hosting a Fat Cat Incubator.

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