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At least while it’s convenient to do so, we’re sharing food! With so many recipes to taste and test, we’re outsourcing to you! If you live in the DC Metro area and think it would be fun to participate, join the Facebook Page and let us know. We buy too much food to store. So it’s parceled out to get prepared different ways in different recipes. You receive it by hand delivery – you have to cook it, take some pictures if you’d like to, and set some leftovers aside for us to try. That’s it. With your permission, we’ll include your opinions and pictures and with your help, that recipe will get even better!


You can contact FoodNewsie in a variety of ways. We'd prefer it if if were about something fun, or permission to use an image or author a post, inquire about advertising or product testing or submitting a Reader Photo.

Thanks for investigating how to Contact FoodNewsie. We like fun people, learning about food, trying out new things and knowing that you’re out there. If leaving a comment on the site doesn’t suit your needs, there’s a variety of reasons you might want to get in touch with us in a variety of other ways.

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Submitting your Reader Photo!

Our reader photos come directly from people we interact with personally. That way we get the story behind the picture and don’t accidentally post something we shouldn’t. You can show us what you’re eating and cooking by attaching an image to PICS at FoodNewsie It’s been amazing to see what great photos are hiding on devices and in kitchens that don’t belong to food bloggers, so bringing those pictures into the open is a real treat for us. Thank you!


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