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A Vegetable Side of Seasoning


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A Vegetable Side of Seasoning

The stem, which looks like but isn’t a bulb, of Fennel can be treated as a vegetable in a pinch. Fennel is highly aromatic as an herb and perennial making it a great unexpected and uncommon inclusion in a meal any time of year.

Roasting might not be everyone’s first choice to prepare a stem of Fennel. A plate recently arrived with just such a side. It was also given two drops of Habanero oil which everyone agreed could have used some diffusing, but the diner’s option to include a little or a lot of Fennel sliced from the side along with a fork-full of beans, meat or squash souffle was brilliant.

The heat of a pepper is in the oil. Adding oil straight to anything will create a random “Lottery” effect as different people at the table encounter a little drop of oil one by one at different times. While entertaining on some perverse levels, the “sniper-like” effects of Habanero spice picking off guests one by one can be a bit humiliating for the chef. Roasting the stem and then tossing it in a well emulsified vinaigrette made with the same small amount of Habanero Oil could make this a favorite side dish that remains versatile at the dinner table.

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