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Add a little edge...


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Add a little edge...

So we were struck the other day by this heavy tin from Bakalicious that has 12 brownie chambers promising that each will have that which brownie slayers eveywhere crave. Edges. We all know the edges are the best. They counter hot chocolate softness with a cracker-like crunch that’s crisply baked in to the edges of the pan. It’s like the frosting flowers but with less guilt; you’re helping the cook to clean, so you’re paying it forward in a way so that if diet gods are tracking your food Kharma (and we all hope they are), the brownies won’t “stick.”

Dessert lover’s guilt aside, you can add still more Edge to brownies by mixing in chips, chocolate covered coffee beans, using brown instead of white sugar (identical cooking times will caramelize darker sugars whether they’re coarse or fine) or tossing in our favorite chocolate pairing: An added Tablespoon of Agave nectar. It’s mostly inoffensive to people who aren’t expecting it, it adds a little curiosity to the familiar and it’s not the most unhealthy thing you could do for yourself either. Our Tbs made the batter so thick the marks from the wooden spoon used to spread batter throughout this wonky tray lasted through the cooking and baked in to create a design as we thought it might.

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