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Another damn rally for the sprouts


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Another damn rally for the sprouts

Luckily we have no reputation at stake. This simple-stupid project has been a hang-up for weeks now and here, despite the head-banging and frustration, is the third go. A sprout garden concept adding beauty to your outdoor patio, preventing over-moisture, providing ample sun and air and, with luck, defeating squirrels short of they’re having blow torches.

What was advertised as easy has turned out to be a nightmare of creating preventive measures. In a perfect world, a sprout garden should just grow, be eaten and grown again all within a three week (or so) cycle. Long story short, it’s been like The Princess and The Pea. Sprouts are too dry and thinly laid; Sprouts are too wet, thickly laid and developing mold; sprout aren’t sprouting because trays above block the sun, and on and on.

So equal treatment for all since stacking them has proved to be a lesson in patience (only the top-most trays grow). How about growing your sprouts under that mesh table you’ve got? Cut little loops out of coat hangar and spend some quality time fastening down the corners of the trays so people at the table don’t get sharp parts pointed up.

Another damn rally for the sprouts

If you have a patio table, bistro table or picnic table topped with wire mesh like this one, you might be ahead of the game when it comes to protections for your sprout garden. It's our third try at what's supposed to be easy-peasy.

The idea came while pondering how best to stop squirrels from toppling the trays and a desire to get all the sprouts equal air and sunshine. Thusfar, three squirrels haven’t figured out they could just chew through the plastic. It probably won’t stay that way, but that’s where things are now – all this batch needs is one, precious more week of growth to succeed!

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