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Artisanal French Toast the easy way


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Artisanal French Toast the easy way

One little trick about cooking is catching on. Start with better ingredients; they set the tone for everything that follows. French Toast is just about as close as most people get to cooking first thing in the morning and making more happen with less effort would be something to think about! Just the aliases of French Toast, also known as eggy bread, German toast, gypsy toast, poor knights, or Spanish toast, might be enough to inspire some clever alterations. McCormick’s website suggest adding Vanilla extract to the process which is a good idea and they also suggest Cinnamon. Let’s review what French Toast takes…

Whisk egg and Milk together in equal measure. Drag bread or toasted bread through the mixture and fry in a frying pan over Medium heat. Serve with butter and syrup.

Artisanal French Toast the easy way

Gooey breakfast can pave the way for a clean, energetic day. When you start melting spiced sugars and revealing nooks and crannies and get a crisp from the pan on this French Toast, it's a great start!

Additions to the mixture abound and they’re worth checking out, but starting with a better cinnamon bread frosted and sliced is an indulgent way to get the results you see above!

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