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Cheese - Gussy up a biscuit!


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Cheese - Gussy up a biscuit!

Remember what life was like before bacon? It was all about CHEESE, man! Adding cheese to everything was pretty much the sure-fired path to decadence. And now? Now cheese has slipped underground reserved, as it were, for artisans and grocery shelf blends that will hopefully one day provide some new background for a revival. But for today, let’s give it a little pick-me-up.

Cheese - Gussy up a biscuit!

This Nacho Cheese blend is ours. Ours because it's Nachos. Ok. But a cheese blend can add a little more zing or mellow to the cheese that's adding a little crunch or chew or dazzle to your roll'em crust or biscuits.

What you see here is the “save” that you can sport on just about any purchased roll-up biscuit or crust dough you find. In cheese’s odd duck back into obscurity, some vendors are betting on the chance that you can’t be bothered to blend your own shredded cheese. And really – they’re probably right. Unless you’re family is from Switzerland, you might not have much exposure to anything buy any cheese straight as it is.

Cheese - Gussy up a biscuit!

Actually, the dough here isn't anything we bought. It's 100% from scratch Lard biscuits. Truth is, they weren't quite center-stage enough for this author's taste but there's tons of potential is gussying up a favorite rolled up dough you can buy if you add cheese the exact same way!

It’s such a basic and delightful little addition. Cheese rolled up in dough will get crispy on the outside, stay cheesey on the inside and with a little luck, even get gooey somewhere in between. Well, far be it from us to plunge all our faith into a store-bought biscuit dough. This is 100% from scratch. A quarter cup of lard to one cup of Buttermilk and 2.5 Cups of Bread Flour plus half a teaspoon of Baking Soda and two teaspoons of Baking Powder and one of Salt will get you these biscuits.

They would have benefitted from a little more pizzaz or garlic or butter or salt or jelly or something (so I’m not centering on the recipe itself) but what it didn’t lack, was cheese. Roll on!

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