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Chef Adam for Kitchen TNT


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Chef Adam for Kitchen TNT

Chef Adam Rosenblum shows us two techniques to cut herbs. Where one technique is widely used and taught, the other produces identical results visually, but better results at a molecular level providing longer lasting freshness in chopped herbs. The secret is the direction of a properly sharp blade.

If your browser doesn’t display the video above, you’re missing out! Kitchen Tips’n Tricks (TNT) utilizes the <video> tag in HTML. Google CHROME supports it and delivers a great experience. You can download the file here to watch until we provide more cross-browser formats.

Chef Adam admits that the path he took was an unconventional one. After running his own restaurant for a year and-a-half, he learned more about the industry through trial by fire than any institution can simulate. After ten years away from Maryland, he and his wife returned taking an invitation to keep up the good work at Growlers in Gaithersburg. While he favors permanence over shorter restaurant consulting stints, he’s still happiest when his head is put to the task of problem solving.

As a testament to his egalitarian approach to sharing and teaching (read: “Consulting”), his wife, three years ago, content to eat what might come along, now thinks critically about dishes set before her that include exotic delicacies and cuisine requiring finesse and know-how to keep them from ruin. Chef Adam grins ear to ear when he thinks of how much fun the two of had on her path to becoming a foodie.

When the chef is happy, everyone is happy. Chef Adam recently introduced a Salmon Salad at a beer tasting dinner. The salad was supposed to be good, but his out-of-the-box preparation of the Salmon made that third of five courses the surprise hit that even had the owners wishing the dish weren’t just a one-off for the night. He just can’t help but be great, experimental and a joy to talk with!

Chef Adam for Kitchen TNT

This packed such a smokey, grilled perfect punch of flavor that it took half the restaurant by surprise. Ask him how he thinks so far outside the box and Chef Adam smiles and really, truly, has no idea what you mean. It's just delicious and it's just what he does.

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