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Food Shame


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Food Shame

Take it easy with your leftovers or try smaller portions to avoid leftovers all together. Numbers indicate that 30% of all food produced in the United States never makes it to mouths. Genuine accidents like flooding, rodents, insects and less genuine causes like ‘ugly’ prevent a third of grains, fruits, veggies and meat from getting to market. Some numbers like that are forgivable since the production of food is an ever challenging demand to meet.

What’s more shameful is the estimate that of all food that does make it to market, 40% just goes to waste. The blame is an abundance of leftovers that people toss once they feel it’s become too old to eat. The amount of food we waste in the United States includes imported food. Together with the food that’s lost to accidents and is too ugly to buy (pah!) these numbers exceed the amount of food we actually consume. That’s a shame; cliche but true: If we all make sure we’re not contributing individually, things can improve all around.

GOOD Magazine online discussing Farm to Trash, Food Waste.

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