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Freddy's BBQ Joint, DC or Baltimore?


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Freddy's BBQ Joint, DC or Baltimore?

Being situated near DC and Baltimore and one to be titillated by movies and good shows means it’s great fun to see where characters eat. If it’s something nearby, why not stop in and see what the production crew did to the joint. No time is a bad time for Freddy’s BBQ Joint ribs in Netflix’s House of Cards.

Keven Spacey plays Francis Underwood who becomes an independent strategist for his own ascension after a promised White House position goes to someone else. DC is shown on a personal level between the shoulders of the well-to-do. After all the colonial-style chair molding and slick desks and high-price dinners shown, This Author nearly cheered when rookie DC reporter, Zoe Barnes’s (Kate Mara) day ends with the camera crew showing “the other side” of DC – clutter, unmade beds, house-poor conditions with exposed plumbing and heating. That’s 95% of DC.

Freddy's BBQ Joint, DC or Baltimore?

The real location in Baltimore for House of Cards, starring Kevin Spacey, Freddy's BBQ Joint shows that the crew removed a No Parking sign digitally from this affable little slice of Baltimore which faces west - in the show, it faces east as Underwood has some ribs for breakfast.

5 seasons of The Wire taught audiences what “other side of the tracks” story telling can be. So? Tip a hat! Freddy of Freddy’s BBQ Joint is played by, Reg E. Cathey: The Wire’s low voiced, deeply sardonic straight-talking political manager Norman Wilson; you know, the cool black guy who stuck it through with that white candidate guy….

In House of Cards, we’re led to assume that the down to Earth, Freddy’s BBQ Joint is in DC. There’s no reason, really, why Underwood can’t be in Baltimore reveling over ribs which is where the real shooting location is; 2601 Greenmount Avenue, Baltimore, MD. Sadly, you won’t be able to eat a great rack of ribs made there) since Freddy’s BBQ Joint, fictionally in DC or Baltimore, exists only as a two time appearing set.

EDIT As the show progresses, Freddy makes more appearances than IMDB credits. Freddy’s alleges to be in DC, delivers and caters. Freddy makes almost regular appearances roughly every other episode.

13 Responses to "Freddy's BBQ Joint, DC or Baltimore?"

Valerie says:

The place to go for ribs in Capitol Hill is Levi’s Port on 8th street!

Bryan says:

Thank you! Looked into that. Levi’s Port Cafe at 1102 8th St. SE described as BBQ/Soul buffet and think I’ll pay them a visit. Sounds like it could have almost inspired Freddy’s!

Valerie says:

Bryan, that was my first thought too when I saw the show. I google “Freddy’s BBQ in House of Cards” and that’s how I found this blog. :)

Glenn says:

I felt like Freddy’s was kind of a Ben’s Chili Bowl reference

Matt says:

Ain’t nobody got time for Ben’s Chili Bowl. All jokes aside why would a rib house be inspired by a hot dog joint? I will be checking out Levi’s Port Cafe. What about the sandwhich shop in Capitol Hill dubbed Cornercopia? Has anyone been there, worth a shot?

Bryan says:

Matt, congrats on the pregnancy and thanks for serving, sir! Went to Levi’s Port Cafe today and have to say, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! Whatever they’re doing to their meat loaf, yams and coleslaw, it’s an all good food coma. Inspired Freddy’s? Can’t say for sure but those big ol’ ribs were indeed contenders. Next, Cornercopia.

charlietime7777 says:

I had no idea that there were so may good restaurants in Baltimore! I would really love to get out there one of these days and sample some of the awesome cuisine.

Tony says:

CORNER STABLES has, and will always have, BALTIMORE’s finest and greatest ribs ever. Go Ravens, how bout dem O’s. All Red Sox fans are clowns, never ever met a relatively respectful Boston fan, shame for such a historical city for our great nation.

Bryan says:

Well that got a little strange, Tony! But the suggestion of Corner Stable is 100% new. With its multiple locations however, it’s less likely to have been an inspiration to the show’s producers as much as Levi’s appears to have been. Still, yours is a tip we’ll follow up on!

Derek says:

Wargo’s in Forest Hill MD has the best food, everything is home made and it’s not that far away from Havre De Grace or as it’s known in house of Cards, South Carolina. Also, the production and most of the cast is housed up here in Bel Air and Edgewood.

Jeff says:

95% of DC is house poor conditions? Have you tried to buy property. In dc? Prices jumped 13% last year. Sure there are some seedy. Neighbor hoods, show me any world class city that doesn’t. DC is safe and clean and you should come visit. Don’t come for BBQ. Though, we have no good BBQ. Except what i smoke on mt BGE.

Edward Dexter says:

I like the Corner Stable – at least the original one up on York Road in TImonium but as a model for Freddy’s it’s not.

Meghan says:

“There’s no reason, really, why Underwood can’t be in Baltimore reveling over ribs which is where the real shooting location is”

Almost all of House of Cards is shot in Baltimore, not DC….

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