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Gift giving rags less thumbed


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Gift giving rags less thumbed

Durability, tradition, and quality should be at the front of every American’s mind all year around. But with gift-giving what it is and random acts of kindness designated to only winter holidays and birthdays, we may have to take inspiration from the less common catalogs that arrive en masse during the high times of year. Here are some catalogs that arrived in the mailbox for us, pre-thanksgiving, that give us good ideas for gifts all year around (but we’ll probably just give them out for Christmas to avoid being overly friendly). What we don’t give out during the rest of the year we may well keep for ourselves!

Carbon 2 Cobalt names its Christmas catalog Christmas Provisions. That title piqued our curiosity and a look inside reveals pricey, quality work wear and casual wear fit for a farm and still stylish enough for a night on the town as ritzy as the casual cuts allow. File under: Rugged but metro-conscious. A happy place for this author so a good catalogue to recommend. Website.

When it comes to gifts for a simpler life, several catalogs fit the bill including The Vermont Country Store and Lehman’s. Of the two, the Lehman’s catalog is more polished, better put together and has gifts both large and small that will bring to mind the honest work of the frontier or Buttery or orchard or kitchen porch. The Vermont Country Store provides a catalog with thinner pages and more eclectic offerings but also satisfies the need to get in touch with traditions for most any room in the house that time could forget, including special trinkets and clothing. The Vermont Country Store is homey and folksy and cute with mostly dust catchers prominent where Lehman’s invites folksy sweat and proud labor. Both offer dusters and soap, to offset any worry you have about our summary.

A staple in clothing catalogs and clothing tradition since 1912 is L.L.BEAN. The clothing is dependable, the designs are predictable, the patterns are acceptable (perhaps ‘timeless’ is a more favorable impression), the envelope is not pushed but when it comes to quality and tradition, L.L.BEAN is a reliable avenue for Christmas shoppers to pad down in their aged L.L.BEAN home shoes or flannel slippers. Website.

Gift giving rags less thumbed

A little something from each catalog. From the cheap and handy to exceptionally priced, just a few provision rags can make your holidays out of the ordinary. Really though, King Arthur has bent backwards to provide goodies for wallets of all thicknesses and some of their holiday baking toys are just enviable coolness. Uploading from the tablet only takes with these peculiar collages, sorry about that! Point is, sit yourself down, tread the line between rural and urban, and you'll find a thriving world of function and cheek and exit the circle of mediocre, last-minute gifting!

Food is often big on the gift giver’s list of things to provide for others. King Arthur has been working very diligently lately (really, hat tip!) and created a monthly magazine called Sift this year and continues to publish gift guides and catalogs that are far above average in the recipes they photograph and the cookware and bakeware they sell. The catalog also offers a wide range of unusual flours, flavorings and sugary baking embellishments. Chocolate and shortbread molds are popular recently to the point where this year’s holiday gift guide includes some of the same mold items and bundt cake forms three and four times throughout the catalog. File under: Spread thin but making the best of a tough market! Baking tins and copper molds on the walls of kitchens is a longstanding American tradition. Getting new foodies to bake and think of a name other than Bob’s Red Mill for exotic flours? That’s not so easy these days. Website.

Finally if money is little object for the food you wish to buy someone this Christmas (or provide for guests this holiday season), let me introduce you to Petrossian Exquisite Food and Gifts. While they often showcase caviar and monthly subscriptions of caviar with price tags hovering from 200 cheek-blanching dollars to the best $1,200 you’ll ever miss, this catalog includes sliced fish, scallops, more caviar, duck and pork, and dry cured ham among a sensational gathering of other Exquisite Food and Gifts. File under: I hope I know someone with enough disposable income to treat me to a fraction of these treats, or; the, “hello new boss. My, that’s a pretty daughter you have there. More Caviar, sir,” department. Website.

Most catalogs for the Christmas season will offer a deep discount or even free shipping with early orders. You can add to your new 2017 benchmarks of durability, tradition and quality, the attributes of thriftiness and shrewd shoppiness when you look for the more uncommon catalogs and order early with thoughtfulness rather than haste on your mind. Be the gift jedi this year.

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