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Hellooo! Anyone home?


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Hellooo! Anyone home?

No silly girl! It’s not a skylight for an underground bunker and it’s not a magic door from Monsters, Inc. It’s FarmWise repurposing. Mike sends us this crafty project turning French door to Cold Frame lid. Curious Muscovy are right to snoop around. Even in 35 degrees, seedlings will sprout inside in just a matter of one week. Having used only scrap wood and opening a new life to the door, costs were kept below $10 stinking bucks truly offsetting the cost of feed and ensuring the birds get some much-needed greens in the Winter.

2 Responses to "Hellooo! Anyone home?"

Farmrgirl says:

It’s beautiful!! Next farmerbadge post: sprouted grains! I love that you caught those nosey Muscovy checking out the new ‘food growing machine’ :)

Bryan says:

I barely had time to put the frame in place before those girls were all over it! I saw her sticking her beak there and thought it was perfect. Growing that grain in there and in a few other spots sure will be a great step toward the badge!

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