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Homemade peanut sauce is in town


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Homemade peanut sauce is in town

For years, one newser (a FoodNewsie reader that is) had remembered fondly a Rama Chicken from a long shuttered eatery. So often did this diner feast on the dish that the owners, notoriously tight with the sauce, began serving extra by the bowl when she came to eat! When a dish inspired that kind of loyalty and it’s repaid in kind, you’re hard-pressed not to remember it forever. But recreating it?

Though the restaurant was closed, memories of the Rama Chicken persisted and internet searches for the Thai dish included recipes with exotic ingredients that only more recently became so commonplace, they aren’t shelved far from the Captain Crunch. Store bought peanut sauce just doesn’t cut it but when evaluating the nearness as sauce has to the memory of that sauce, it helps to start somewhere.

The FoodNewsie Kitchen Lab doesn’t dabble much in Thai food, but that’s a quirk. Thai is enormously popular and for good reason. It matches the addictive savory nature of Chinese food and adds the thrill of spices and seasonings like Indian food. For me, it’s a good halfway point from Indian (a favorite) to Chinese (not a favorite). A web search for Chicken Rama with Thai Peanut Sauce will inundate your browser with results. The key in this case, however, to match the memory, was extra Brown Sugar and extra Peanut Butter and not a touch of Ginger.

Homemade peanut sauce is in town

You owe it to yourself to not use instant five-minute or 90-second rice. This Rama Chicken sits beside Jasmine Rice that cooks up sticky and correctly with little fuss. The convenience of instant rice steals away what a real rice has to offer. like many things, it answers a need that wasn't in need of fixing.

Memorable Thai Peanut Sauce

(For one and-a-half pounds of Chicken)
Coconut Milk – roughly a 13 oz can
Chopped Peanuts – 1/2 Cup
Red Curry Paste – 2 Tablespoons
Fish Sauce – 1 – Tablespoon
Peanut Butter – 1/4 Cup
Light Brown Sugar – 1/4 Cup

Pulverize the peanuts until smooth. Heat coconut milk and keep stirring until oil comes to the surface, then add the curry paste and peanut butter. When fragrant, season with sugar, and fish sauce. Add the peanuts and stir until combined. Let it cook a few minutes longer. -instructions via ImportFood.com

Enjoy your Swimming Rama, Param Longsong! What fun names!

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