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Horizon Dinosaurs, grain elevators


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Horizon Dinosaurs, grain elevators

We suburbans see them dotting the horizon when we’re on those long, annoying single-lane highways as we’re itching for the passing lanes to come. They’re not high on the list of things to think about; they look like relics of farming long gone. The fact is, they’re as relevant now as ever.

The grain elevators like this one, Wicomico, in Charlotte Hall, MD move massive mounds of food for our food as well as millions of dollars every year. It’s estimated that an operation this size moves five to 10 million dollars annually to feed the need for feed. Each silo can store a mind blowing tonnage of grain or seed or feed and, in this case, the center-most silo that appears shinier and more modern, is shinier and more modern.

It’s their biggest silo to date since starting out in 2001 and most members of the family owned and operated privately held Wicomico Grain Elevator have climbed the narrow ladders to the blustery peaks and taken fantastic pictures of the countryside. Head Operator, Chris, described to us the awe he felt when he watched the new silo go up. In just a few, short days, flat planks of corrugated metal were taken from bundled stacks and bound together in vast rings beneath the roof. Then that portion was lifted by crane and another ring fabricated, and lifted, and another and another until the entire structure was fully lifted and completed.

With the need for feed doubling at a record pace, expect to see more silos and grain elevators come to the horizon. As awesome as the task of these structures is, it’s nice to see that even their operators can still be amazed at the massiveness of what it takes to do so much!

  • 12585 Olde Mill Road, Charlotte Hall, MD 20622

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