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Indispensable bread books


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Indispensable bread books

The decision to make bread is an exciting prospect for friends and family but there’s a mine field of resources that pack the field of study tightly with books designed not to teach as much as they are just designed to sell. A few gems are buried in that field and they take the new bread maker from start to rise to crumb in such a way that baking becomes as it is portrayed, an art. These books, whether as gifts or additions to your library, should be considered indispensable.

Making good food becomes a way of life – and making bread, more so; an entire romanticism surrounds the baker and their oven. These books convey that sense of earthiness and natural, one-with-the-craft living that lurks, still unrealized, in the mind of an aspiring baker. Andrew Whitley’s Bread Matters walks the reader first through the state of modern bread. He presents the case for making your own bread by spelling out all that’s wrong with the bread on market shelves today. In Tartine Bread Chad Robertson walks readers through his land and life and tools and offers up hope to the urban baker without such resources that they too can produce wonderful loaves and includes tested alternatives.

Indispensable bread books

Bread Matters is a decidedly wider view in its look at bread, history and recipes. The style of the book itself feels time-honored and trusted. Wonderful photos are presented as Plates with one page of descriptions leading to a score of rustic images illustrating aesthetic goals of included recipes for the baker. Tartine Bread lets the author’s story tick the rustic check box and the design of the book has taken cues from modern publishing and even pushed some of those limits making it the more appealing of the two when held in hand.

Indispensable bread books

A well-rounded modern bread maker at home would do well not to ignore the history and reasons for making bread at home and Andrew Whitley will make a reader wise; you’ll get more than talking points, you’ll be able to convincingly argue bread’s role in modern life and tradition’s role in making bread. Chad Robertson can fuel a new baker’s desire for larger-than-life production and wisely includes Baker’s Ratios which remain constant whether baking two loaves or 20.

The author of this post owns both these books and more, so this is not a marketing post. Buying either book from the links above do benefit the website. The farther a new baker gets with bread making, the more they learn how crucial ratios are. This site discusses ideal ratios and the concept really opens the mind and can make the aspiring baker one of those people who can just “whip up” a loaf of bread magically whether they have indispensable books or not.

Turning over a new leaf in life and deciding to give yourself to baking bread is rewarding and these two books alone can light the path, or sit prettily if that path isn’t the right one in the end. Both books can be read as narratives start to finish with recipes advancing in difficulty and complexity progressively. Once familiar with a chapter or section, the books become wonderful reference tools that double as delightful coffee table books – as your bread ‘does the talking,’ the books can do the entertaining when friends and family come to taste the newly turned loaf in your life.

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