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Lettuce recycle


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Lettuce recycle

Amazing! Lettuce heads are not distant relations of zombies or star fish, but don’t tell them that. Leave a little bit of your next head of lettuce’s white part in a tiny bit of water. Keep an eye on the water level daily. Pictured here is romaine which doesn’t sell cheap thanks to its popularity. Growing lettuce from seeds can take six months! But growing lettuce from lettuce? Look how far along 14 days can get you… That’s the way to recycle properly and get ahead. Test on your own: Split the base in two and discover if, within just two days, if you can get two heads growing from one.

Lettuce recycle

Marty Feldman couldn't be a better example of how easy it is to recycle lettuce and just how fresh the cuttings can be. While this method grows a head of lettuce faster, you'll still wait a few weeks more than a couple to get a big enough head to throw together a salad.

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Farmrgirl says:

Good thing you got this photo before your salad loving furball cat ate most of the growth off the first two (very well along) romaines.

At least one of the mooses is enjoying greens fresh from the “garden” this winter ;-)

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