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Porteree Beer Cocktail


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Porteree Beer Cocktail

With unholy heat comes unholy rain. I’d say there’s no better way to send Summer straight to hell than to tap into that bottle of Limoncello you’ve been hanging on to since graduation. By itself, Limoncino or Limoncello is an acquired taste; with porter, it becomes a taller acquired taste.

Not everything we try here in the Food Newsie Kitchen Labs is a raging success. You should know now, this is definitely a hit-or-miss drink. Porter is dark, rich and full of complicated flavors that brewers wait generations to accomplish. Our Porteree method all but rapes a porter, but delivered a shocking and pleasing complexity three-quarters down the glass.

Ingredients are simple: Porter, Limoncino (or comparable hyper-sweet lemon liquor), a glass of ice and a beer glass. Fill the beer glass a quarter way up with porter. Add one or two shots (depending on your childhood) of Limoncino. Add the ice. Now fill the rest of the glass with porter.

Porteree Beer Cocktail

The camera crapped out strangely in an overhead photograph – perhaps the fumes... Limoncino is a powerful shot. Adding ice after the shot or two seems to preserve the liquor's location (instead of letting it float). The porter atop the ice is then flavored sweetly, not overrun.

The camera crapped out strangely in the overhead shot – perhaps the fumes. Limoncino is a powerful shot. Adding ice after the shot or two seems to preserve its location. The porter atop the ice is flavored sweetly. Once you get to the source of that sweet, the drink becomes almost addictive! Perhaps not the best description of alcohol. But the buzz comes in, the flavor goes from muddled to delectably sweet and iced layers begin to add a little unexpected dessert-drink brain freeze. Well, maybe just a brain frost. But it’s good enough!

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