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Real Mashed Potatoes in a hurry


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Real Mashed Potatoes in a hurry

The presence of a “Instant” Mashed Potatoes might well fool a man into thinking that the dish requires some extraordinary amount of time. Isn’t ten minutes with powders and milk and heat and whipping the same as ten minutes with potatoes and heat and flavor? A nice, reasonably intelligent and handsome man like yourself aught now be able to make his own real mashed potatoes in a hurry.

Quite frankly, potatoes on their own are boring, starchy things that don’t much bring interest as much as nutrition to a plate. There must be a hundred ways to fix this; mashed potatoes are almost the perfect vehicle for whatever flavor you’re looking for. In the fridge and pantry, you might be surprised to find Mrs. Dash and “Gourmet Garden” squirt spices. Fact is, they’re remarkably tasty and as shortcuts go, fewer are more honest food.

Real Mashed Potatoes in a hurry

What makes mashed potatoes so man-friendly is the fact that they can carry just about any flavor or seasoning you want to throw at them. Be it liquid or powder, after a few needed ingredients, the sky's the limit provided you're sparing about it.

Since we’re talking about shortcuts, let’s crack open the biggest of all. The Microwave. Boiling potatoes for twenty minutes until they’re soft still has a zen quality to it but with a thousand WATT microwave reaching the same point for two potatoes in three and-a-half minutes, you’ll still have time to zen out later. At one spud per head, a dinner for two means you should put two spuds in a plastic bag wrapped loosely.

In the bag, the potatoes steam and to limit the bag from getting all that heat all at once and melting, we microwaved for one minute at a time finding that 3.5 minutes made the taters soft -ish to the touch. Dump the bag and get the skin off the potatoes. Have had ready some sour cream and, if you wish, a favorite salad dressing that’s creamy – if not, you’ll just double the sour cream.

While it’s true that ALL a potato’s IRON is in the skin, it’s wildly false that all the potato’s nutrition is in the skin. That Iron makes up only 2% of the nutrients a potato has to offer. So without the skin, 98% of all goodness still comes your way. If you’re missing the Iron, get clever; shred the skin, bake it and add it as a crunchy topping; substitute spinach, liver or shark meat. Clever doesn’t always mean getting weird, but Iron comes from many places.

Without skin the potatoes mash smoothly – just mash enough to break them down. Add a Tablespoon of butter per tater and mash a little more. Before it’s too smooth, add a Tablespoon (per spud) of a creamy base to help hold the potato together. Above we mention Sour Cream and dressing. You can then, one teaspoon at a time per potato, add flavors that will contribute to your dish.

Real Mashed Potatoes in a hurry

Fresh seasonings can be brutal if they're over done. So for two spuds, it's best to limit your alchemy to no more than a teaspoon per spud of any one ingredient. This lets the taste of potatoes come through without staying bland.

Don’t over think it – Dill goes with fish, Cilantro or parsley with Italian, spicy mashed potatoes are great because the peppery flavor is kept cool by the creamy bases, garlic goes with most anything and Basil, use Basil sparingly because it’s good, but strong. What comes through most is the texture potato – after the bases, pick two or three ingredients to transform real boring potatoes into a mashed potato side that’s a great compliment to your meal in a hurry.

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