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Sprout Pirates!


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Sprout Pirates!

And another sprout garden. This time, the bed of sprouts is nearly an inch thick to ward off the drying phenomenon that plagued the first attempt. By all accounts, this should be so easy an astronaut can do it in space on behalf of nine year olds. Another major difference is combining the day of water with a day of darkness; seeds began pipping little white balls in the covered container that was used to soak them.

This time, the garden will be watered outside but kept in a nursery indoors to evade the sprout pirates. Fat squirrels who obviously read the site.

Sprout Pirates!

A day and-a-half in the covered coffee packaging was just to soak the husks. The seeds inflated unexpectedly and began breaking through to becoming sprouts faster than before. The squirrels don't get credit for this.

2 Responses to "Sprout Pirates!"

Farmrgirl says:

that squirrel has obviously been eating well this winter… look how FAT he is!

Bryan says:

There were TWO of them sumo wrestling for the privilege! This was the glory hound among them I suppose. Little pigs.

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