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The first of some Friday Beer Cocktails


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The first of some Friday Beer Cocktails

Like lighter beers? Like a little kick of spice? Then meet the rarely mentioned Michelada. A Mexican ditty made with hot sauce, Worcestershire sauce, lime and ice. Basically, you already have this stuff; so it’s a breeze in a glass.

For Summer and the coming beastly heat, even a Guinness/Murphy’s/Hefeweizen guy knows when to cool it. So there’s a returning trend of making drinks with beer that are more than the sum of their parts. In this first of several Friday beer cocktail examinations, we meet Michelada spelled wrong as Michaelada.

You would spell this wrong if you were thinking of the proper name, Michael. Instead, think of a cold beer drink in Mexican-Spanish, chela and that it’s mixed, mixto, with other ingredients. Since this works out oddly to Michela, some argue that Michelada is a combination instead of, Mi chela helado or My Cold Beer. Both salt-rimming the glass and/or garnishing with an orange are variations. A lime, some Sylvia’s Hot Sauce and El Cheapo Worcestershire Sauce. The 24oz. (a.k.a. The Contractor’s Special) Tecate was actually the smallest….

The first of some Friday Beer Cocktails

There's a lot you can do with Worcestershire sauce and drinking it wasn't high on our list. Together with the spice, the eye-opening Worcestershire is quite a zing but doesn't stop this beer cocktail from being completely drinkable.

Three dashes of hot sauce and two of Worcestershire go atop half a squeezed lime and get covered with ice. In goes the beer to about 12 ounces and, “plop” goes a slice of lime. It’s frothy and when I decided mine needed more hot sauce, it bumped into the lime and looked really gross. But I considered myself all set to get some rays and dig into a nice work of non-fiction.

The first of some Friday Beer Cocktails

You'll look well read if you have a nice historical non-fiction nearby. That will keep attention away from the spice sauce gunk at the top of the beer glass.

An orange slice would actually have been nice I’m deciding as I finish my second Michelada with a cat in my lap having shot the pictures and sitting at the keyboard typing this up. Being a drinker of heavy beers, anything to kick-start a lighter beer is welcomed. The hot sauce enhancement makes me thirsty enough without adding salt to the rim. That would have been overkill. This beer cocktail is easy to drink, refreshing on a hot day and very easy to make. It’s been a good, simple prep for next Friday’s next beer cocktail.

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