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Three cheers for three sauces!


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Three cheers for three sauces!

With the new effort of producing videos anyway the Internet will let that happen most easily, I’ve tried Periscope and found a worthwhile and engaging medium. The desire to share and test comes naturally with such a discovery. Live audiences can interact through on-screen texts. The only problem is cooking LIVE, reading, drinking and answering costs a fortune in brain-power!

So pictured is the practice run of a Periscope broadcast that demanded three very different sauces for a requested food: Filet Mignon. With the request coming from exchanges of a loyal viewer, it was important to select sauces that would really strike an uncommon chord; something worthy of broadcasting. That might have been over-eager on my part!

Three cheers for three sauces!

Each sauce had its own requirements and together, the three of them pushed the kitchen lab to the overcrowding point. So a good game plan developed and three came to be - here, the green sauce before the final processing.

With limited space and brain, the demands of three sauces, their ingredients and prep times would have any first-time maker moving like an octopus leaving little time to frolic online with a crowd. I’ll deliver the recipe for the pictured Green Sauce which was a surprise taste. The FoodNewsie Kitchen Lab has never used Anchovy Filets and rarely had success with emulsifiers (like mayo) but the pleasure of diving right in really was something worth sharing. With the Green Sauce came two other ideas for beef…

Three cheers for three sauces!

The three test subjects: Pub Butter, Green Sauce and Onion Ale Sauce all forward to test on Filet Mignon. Each was picked for its originality and distinction of flavor. Had no idea the colors would be so lovely too!

Pub Butter, left, is soften, unsalted butter combined with pre-roasted garlic (a new trick we learned), nutritional yeast flakes, parsley and molasses (providing that peanut buttery-like color. The Green Sauce owes that vivid green to a Cup of chopped Parsley and oil that preserves it – it’s not unlike an Anglo version of Latin and South America’s amazing and spicier cousin, Chimichurri. Lastly the really strange one, Onion and Ale Sauce. Six large, chopped Onions simmered and simmered for an hour reducing to thick onion juice to which was added about four Tablespoons of Stout (or Ale, but we chose Boddington’s) and strained.

All in all, tons of experience was had. Only regret was I couldn’t share it at the time. So, loins will be girded and the camera set for a revisit, but I wanted to post this Food Shot to share the test and say to those who don’t yet, look in to Periscope!

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