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Turnarounds in Brazil


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Turnarounds in Brazil

You won’t believe your eyes. A mother and her two daughters live in the deep-set lot pictured above. Long before Rio got it in mind to put off preparing for the 2016 Olympics, a Brazilian TV show, Huck’s Cauldron, was cooking up deserved renovations for families in need. Though the website is a jumble of Portuguese mostly translatable by online services, what you can glean and see is that in the two years since this success that caught our attention, Huck’s Cauldron, named for the host, Luciano Huck, has helped almost one hundred families claim cleaner lives and focus on what they love most.

Four and-a-half hours from Rio de Janeiro is house #68 on an unnamed road typifying Itaim Paulista, São Paulo, Brazil. Two young girls and their mom dreamed of being able to sell “sweet and savories” from their home to add to the $300 dollars a month their combined efforts make. The youngest girl picks cardboard and sells candy to help out. As one dream leads to another, the trio also wishes they could invite friends and family to a courtyard offering security and baked cakes featuring the same sweet and savories found in the garden.

You studied the “home” in the picture above? Below is the same lot echoing the family’s emphasis on recycling, gathering with friends and family, cleanliness and a moral good to literally serve their community: Sweet and savories.

Turnarounds in Brazil
Turnarounds in Brazil

We don't normally label pictures directly but you have to admit, this is an astonishing turnaround. It's a courtyard in which you could find yourself full of ideas that aren't so far from reach you couldn't provide for yourself. The full set includes what's _behind_ that serving window.

Turnarounds in Brazil

They may not have thought of it, but you can't say they didn't rock it! How nice that walkway must smell!

The full set.

Architects and builders, Rosenbaum, in Brazil, is responsible for about fifty of the Huck’s Cauldron make overs and their page is a Pinterest-gasm of sustainable ideas for the home and garden breathing new life into disgarded or leftover items. A hanging wall garden in deep ladles, a courtyard sculpture of bike wheels, herb gardens in soda bottles and wood doors turned to sturdy country kitchen tables represent design and grace where necessity bares creative ingenuity.

Perhaps if you’re in town for the Olympics, you can tour the outskirts and find these gems.

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