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Water's Spotty Rep


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Water's Spotty Rep

There’s a marketing gimmick in town defying science and winning consumers over through testimonials and paranoia. It’s the claim that Alkaline Water has superior benefits and, as a double-edge attack, acidic water is bad. The simple flaws that are overlooked is that water purity is the key and, the purest waters will lurch to alkaline or acidic levels at a moment’s notice with just a microscopic touch. Testimonials used to tout alkaline waters are far from the controlled experiments they ought to be and they’re measuring a quality most bodies ignore except in the extreme.

pH Remember high school science? The acidity level of a thing where neutral is 7 on a scale of 1 to 14. Lower results are more acidic and higher are alkaline. So citric acid is below a 7 and bar soap or baking soda is above 7.

The numbers, like earthquake measurements are logarithmic. Each integer is a factor of ten – 5 is ten times more acidic than 6 and so on. For reference, the hydrochloric acid in the human stomach is nearly a 1pH. So what IS “acidic?” In quick science terms, acids produce or let loose hydrogen atoms. A measure of pH is a measure of lose hydrogen. Before you grab the notion that hydrogen blows up therefore it must be bad, take deep breath and an 8 ounce water chaser – two hydrogen atoms bound to one oxygen. You won’t blow up.

Water Tech Online reminds us that what’s really important is purity. Mineral water is impure in the technical sense that stuff is in there. That “stuff” helps to hold the water’s pH levels where pure water, perfectly 7, can jump to acid or alkaline almost by looking at a lemon or piece of chalk or touch a dirty glass. This resistance occurs through TDS, Dissolved Solids. TDS is removed through Distillation and Reverse Osmosis.

Alkaline Water proponents have announced Distilled and Reverse Osmosis water, DRO, unsafe. This is wrong. “the unique properties of mineral free, ultra-pure drinking waters actually make the pH measurement meaningless in the body.”

Quick Wits

You can believe what you want but hopefully we all understand the stomach works through the use of acids the way a BBQ cooks through the use of heat. It’s contained and it has a job to do and efficiency is better than – well, I’m struggling there. Efficiency is best.

Logically, you wouldn’t spray water on the BBQ grill during cooking because it would retard the heat. So, I hope every reader agrees you wouldn’t consume Alkaline water during a meal or after because it would force the stomach to produce more acid to restore efficiency.

Wellness Trends At Odds

Water on the grill isn’t bad and alkaline water isn’t bad. But, with each, there’s a time for and a time to not. It’s also often said that a lukewarm glass of lemon water in the morning is a great way to jumpstart your gut and balance yourself quickly in the AM to have a healthier day. Read more….

Water's Spotty Rep

Finish your bottled water and put some home brewed lemon water in there for the morning.

The Lemon Water wellness trend that appeared has been deemed legit by science and those outside the lemon industry (citation unavailable). The Alkaline Water Benefits wellness trend that appeared is promoted by exciting testimonials and science can only verify that alkaline water exists, not that it’s packed with all the claimed benefits. The confusion is amplified by marketing of alkaline water benefits by corporations selling water.

Doing things that aid your body in the natural direction your body works toward makes sense. Fighting your body’s natural mechanisms because something ‘sounds’ unpleasant (like the word acid, synonymous with corrosion, etc.) is not a foundation for science or self-medicating; it’s a marketing gimmick.

Water's Spotty Rep

The most disappointing thing about all this water babble is that none of the health proponents hawking goofy science are worried about plastic bottles, recycling, petroleum byproducts or what catalysts are lurking in their daily lives breaking down the bottles used to hold their water, no matter the pH.

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