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What to do with Sweet Yellow Plums


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What to do with Sweet Yellow Plums

Even with the power out in almost all of Montgomery County, Maryland this last week, there were still farmer’s markets to be visited, books to read and new recipe ideas to absorb. A trip to the 90th annual Olney farmer’s market benefiting a local hospital grabbed the headlines and introductions were made to the good people of Good Farms in Olney.

The 90th annual farmer’s market in Olney turned up two shocking things. That some plums are little and yellow and allegedly sweet, and; there is a Batman running around a local farmer’s markets with boobs. Traumatized, I only photographed one of those two shocking discoveries. FoodNewsie is becoming more a blog about what food is news to me. With the mention of sweet yellow plums to others, no one has yet to be surprised. Okay – so what do you do with them?

Excitement poured through the FNKL with word of Elderberry Cordial found on one of the sites scoured by The Watched Pot. The cordial is a concentrated syrup of elderberry flowers that requires many steps and produces a much more superior concentrate that those found commercially. When looking to see if this could be applied to the plums, it turns out that Sloe Gin, made of the Sloe Berry, might lend itself to the Sweet Yellow Plums since the Sloe Berry is a relative of the plum.

What to do with Sweet Yellow Plums

HDR photography is high dynamic range photography. Software balances three images to produce ONE image. The results are true, but sometimes not at all flattering as in the case above where the HDR clearly draws what the human eye receives as subtleties.

What’s attractive and peculiar about these plums is that just beneath the surface, there’s a lot of texture and luminosity. HDR photography reveals how busy things are just under the thin, yellow skin of these plums. Handle with care! They’re little bags of water that are easily bruised and like Ultraviolet Crime Scene photography, our HDR shows the workings beneath the skin.

What to do with Sweet Yellow Plums

Our Plum Gin follows the Sloe Gin recipe with a few cloves, a small stick of cinnamon and FOUR ounces of sugar added to pricked plums stuffed in a mason jar and turned daily for three months after being completely covered in clear gin.

What to do with Sweet Yellow Plums

While the four ounces of sugar were strongly held at the bottom of the jar early on, once turned end over end several times and placed into storage (cool dark place), the sugar had been absorbed by the gin, the plums and within a little time, will be completely dissolved aiding in the preservation of the drink.

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