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Would you rather; farm considerations


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Would you rather; farm considerations

Imagine our surprise when two very different Farms with many different qualifications each as appealing as the other came to our attention through the most basic filters at zillow.com It never occurred to me what a difficult choice people who think about switching to the “simple” life would have to make considering the options presented here. Here we have two very good examples of two very different Farms. One pre-dates the Civil War, the other has a Vineyard already in progress and a swimming pool, but the Old Farm has outbuildings already installed and almost twice the acreage. When you think about the cost to rebuild a 200 year old home and balance that against the costs to upkeep the home from 1977 with seven and a half acres and a swimming pool and a Vineyard and two garages and the homeowners association you realize that the investments run so similar, they’re nearly cancelled out. So, which would you rather?

Would you rather; farm considerations

Yes, the outbuildings need a bit of machete love but there's a baker in me with medieval longings that loves the challenge this kitchen's fireplace presents. Both properties are smothered in wood paneling so thats a zero sum and this farm's yard demands incredibly less maintenance.

Historic farm’s price is $750K I accidentally snuck it up to 9-hundred while carefully crafting the title image. With such instant savings, the old Clagget Farm looks even more like an interesting task to take on. Available info on Zillow and MoCo records is the fact the land is owned by a D.C. lawyer and began as massive parcels split over a hundred years ago to multiple heirs.

There are numerous instances of the family name now out of the family but none (that I found) are restored or updated and available to the public in any ag-museum capacity. The potential is enormous and not only would history and ag lovers trickle in, but the neighbors would probably bestow a little gratitude at even a modest clean up.

Would you rather; farm considerations

A quaint homestead with all the trappings to impress but still no easy feat to maintain. Even just a yield of grape juice without all the wino tooling would find new farmers toiling heavily on top of lawn and pool care. Plenty of room for a good hoop house and that could double or triple income while keeping the yield tidy.

Almost abutting a 500-acre farm park is this 80’s throwback homestead. As polished but dated as it may seem, this listing is curiously undervalued in my opinion. There’s so much tending and providing that could be done here and one would never be dangerously far from central air. Best? It’s just minutes by foot or riding mower to the University of Maryland Ag Extension’s headquarters where today’s brilliant ag minds would be happy to lend advice and maybe accept invitations to swanky patio BBQ parties.

I’ve got no immediate plans but let Zillow make suggestions from time to time. I’d never seen such an interesting set of qualifying differences between two such properties so strangely on par with each other. Regardless of your preference, just making the decision to foster community and health and turn ward to so many giving up certain comforts is already a smart choice. So thanks! If you’re already planning the sacrifice and exciting plunge.

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